Anti-Cellulite Massage

Break down underlying fat with the help of an anti-cellulite massage. The highly-qualified therapist here uses special techniques, including pinching and rolling, to target areas with cellulite.

Rejuvenate Relaxing Mind and Body Treatments

Renowned for our luxurious massages, Advanced Beauty Clinic offers a range of treatments that will not only leave you feeling relaxed and revitalised but which will also help improve your health.

Body Exfoliate

The exfoliation with 4 Precious Oils (Passion Flower, Evening Primrose, Camellia and Argan) and Apricot Kernel Seeds helps remove dead skin cells and reinforces the effectiveness of Skincare Products applied afterwards. It leaves the skin with a soft, beautiful sheen.

Body Exfoliation Treatment

Body exfoliation removes dead and flaky skin cells, opens your pores and moisturises your skin in one soothing, rejuvenating treatment. Anyone with rough, flaky skin knows firsthand the benefits of a soothing, refreshing body exfoliation treatment.

Body Treatments – Lifting & Tightening

With RF skin tightening treatment uses targeted energy to heat deep dermal layer of skin, which stimulates collagen and elastin production and gradually improves skin tone and texture. This treatment also forms part of our cellulite reduction treatment  as it breaks down fibrou
s tissue to help smooth cellulite and appearance of dimpled / wrinkled skin.

Guinot Body Wrap

Body brushing exfoliates the skin without using a harsh scrub. This improves circulation, promotes smooth and firm skin, and helps to prevent ingrown hairs and clogged pores.

Guinot Body Wrap – SLIM LOGIC

No matter whether you are in need of a healing, detoxing or slimming wrap, the benefits of this soothing spa treatment are endless. This classic spa treatment is the perfect option for anyone looking to recover, detox or slim down.

Weight Loss Treatments

Do you want to remove FAT from ANY BODY AREA OF YOUR CHOICE? Are you fighting stubborn areas of FAT thaT seems resistant against all your efforts to lose it NOW YOU CAN AT ADVANCED BEAUTY CLINIC WE OFFER NON Surgical FAT DESTRUCTION FOR ALL SKIN TYPES & BODY AREAS.

Multi Polar Radio Frequency Treatment

Body & Face contouring has become a highly popular aesthetic procedure for patients looking to smooth the appearance of cellulite, reduce circumference and tighten lax skin following weight loss. AT ADVANCED BEAUTY CLINIC Face & Body contouring treatments use the power of combined technologies to address these concerns and reveal your patients’ natural facial and body contours- without the downtime of more invasive procedures. The treatments are safe, effective and are suitable for all skin types as well as for thin and delicate areas of the face, neck and décolleté.

Cellulite Treatments

CELLULITE – The easy way to improve your body shape. All women are subject to cellulite sometime in their life and the problem becomes worse with time. We have Radio Frequency to help smooth cellulite skin or the combined Lypolosis FAT DESTRUCTION that breaks down fat cells to reshape the body together with Radio Frequency for firming and smooth Frequency to help smooth all areas on the body especially problem areas of cellulite – such as on the stomach, buttocks, hips and thighs – Resulting in a smoother slimmer more refined figure without surgery.