Pregnancy Massage

30 mins – 45 mins – 1 hr – 1 hr 30 mins

A pregnancy massage is a specially adapted gentle and soothing massage tailored specifically for the mother-to-be. As a term, ‘pregnancy massage’ applies to any hands-on massage treatment for a woman during her pregnancy. It can therefore vary enormously in terms of what it consists of. However, for many women, pregnancy massage benefits include easing aches and pains, as well as facilitating relaxation and preparation for labour.

At Advanced Beauty Clinic , our trained and professional massage therapists will deliver a tailored and unique pregnancy massage in the comfort of your own home lasting either 60 or 90 minutes. The therapist will listen to your particular concerns regarding any tension or pain, and work to facilitate deep relaxation, helping you to enjoy your pregnancy and alleviate any unwanted symptoms.

As with other body massages, you’ll lie on a massage table and you may be given additional cushions or specially shaped bolsters, to make lying more comfortable. Usually you’ll lie on your side, particularly later in pregnancy, when this is more comfortable.

The NHS states that pregnancy massage is one of the safe complementary therapies you can use during pregnancy.