Anti-Cellulite Massage

Break down underlying fat with the help of an anti-cellulite massage. The highly-qualified therapist here uses special techniques, including pinching and rolling, to target areas with cellulite.

Ladies’ Waxing

If you’re tired of having to shave your legs regularly and are struggling to stay on top of stubble, leg waxing is a great hair removal alternative for silky smooth legs. Using a method that removes the hair directly from the root, this tried and tested practice is a great way to keep hairy legs at bay, for women who aren’t ready to try more dramatic measures.

IPL Hyper Pigmentation

IPL treatments are effective for treating many types of pigmentation marks like Sun damage, environmental damage, pigmentation marks on areas of the face, neck and hands effectively to the face and hands. It treats pigmentation marks by shattering the pigmentation and breaking it down which is then absorbed into the body. All of these problems can be greatly reduced and controlled by receiving a course of IPL Photo-Rejuvenation treatments.